Blind Deboss Letterpress Wedding Invitations

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get these beauties up! I’m glad to finally share these with you. My favourite thing about these invites is how beautiful the blind logo looks letterpressed. The great thing about letterpress is that the print itself is a design element, some of the best designs are the most minimal and these invitations pulled it off beautifully.

**Let me just take an aside to explain some terminology for those who may be new to letterpress. DEBOSS is the term used meaning an indention into the surface of the paper. Many people misuse the term ’emboss’ for letterpress, emboss is actually a raised surface. Next, BLIND is the fancy term used for an impression without ink.**

I’ve been lucky to work with several talented couples and the whole suite was designed by the groom. It included an invitation, a general information card and a double-sided reply postcard. This three colour invitation suite (grey, purple and blind) was printed on 600gsm 100% cotton paper. Bespoke envelopes were made from the same paper at lesser weight. The finishing touch was edge colouring matching the fantastic purple of choice, one of my new faves!

Blind Deboss Letterpress

Blind Deboss Letterpress

Blind Deboss Letterpress

For more photos of this invitation suite, visit the website HERE.


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